Recipes Online: Grape Ice Cream

Grape Ice Cream

Grape Ice Cream

3 cups seedless black grapes;
400 grams condensed milk;
100 grams fresh cream;
1/2 cup seedless black grapes pieces;
1 tbsp sugar.


Wash the 3 cup grapes, pat them dry and blend it and stain the juice from the pulp.
Take the 1/2 cup grapes and slice into small pieces
Mix the condensed milk, fresh cream and sugar in a bowl with a hand blender in low speed till it become fluffy.
Now pour the grape juice and the cut grape pieces into it and mix nicely with a spatula.Pour the mixture in a freezer safe container.
Freeze it for 3 hrs and mix nicely with a fork to break ice crystals.Repeat this procedure three time in total at 3hr intervals.After the third time using an ice cream scooper, scoop the ice cream and serve.

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