Recipes Online: Homemade Waffle and Maple Syrup

Homemade Waffle and Maple Syrup

Homemade Waffle and Maple Syrup

For maple syrup:
1/2 cup granulated sugar;
1 cup brown sugar, firmly packed;
1 cup boiling water;
1 teaspoon butter;
1 teaspoon maple extract or vanilla extract.

For waffles:
1.5 cup all purpose flour;
1/2 cup whole wheat flour;
3 eggs seperated;
3 tbsp butter melted;
2.5 cup milk;
1 tbsp sugar;
1/2 tsp salt;
2 tsp baking powder.


Place granulated sugar in a heavy skillet. Heat until the sugar melts and turns brown.
Meanwhile, place brown sugar into a heavy saucepan. Pour water over brown sugar and bring to a boil without stirring.
Add caramelized white sugar to the melted brown sugar in the saucepan. Simmer, stirring often, until syrup is thickened.
Remove from heat, and whisk in butter and maple or vanilla extract. 

Seive the dry ingredients together and keep aside
Seperate the egg white and egg yolk, beat the egg yolk along with butter and milk till it blends 
Mix the above dry ingredient to it and make a smooth paste.
Now beat the egg whites in a medium speed till small peaks form
Now add the egg white to the batter and fold it carefully with spatula until it gets incorporated. Dont fold too much
Heat the waffle maker and pour a scoop of batter in each segment and close it. Let it cook until the waffle maker gives the green indication or until it turns golden brown, it will take approximately 7-8 minutes per session.

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  1. Haven't had a waffle in ages...this looks really tempting with maple syrup.


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