Recipes Online: Seafood with barley

Seafood with barley

Seafood with barley

3 cups barley-pearled; cooked;
1/2 cup red bell pepper; chopped med. size;
1/2 english cucumber; chopped in 1/2" cubes; 
3 whole green onions; sliced include some of the tops;
2 tablespoons fresh chives; chopped;
2 tablespoons lemon juice;
1/3 cup olive oil;
2 teaspoons garlic cloves; crushed;
1-2 teaspoons salt; to taste;
2 stocks celery; chopped small;
1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper;
seafood sensation; 2 cups or the shrimp and crab below;
6-8 each cherry tomatoes; cut in half;
1 cup shrimp;
1 cup imitation crab meat.


Mix all ingredients together when the barley is completely cooled down. Stir a couple times before serving.

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