Recipes Online: Coffee Cheesecake

Coffee Cheesecake

Coffee Cheesecake
Ingredients for the base:
1 packet of digestive biscuits;
50 g of butter;
1 dark chocolate bar.

Ingredients for the cheese filling:
4 spoons of favourite Aurile coffee;
1 dark chocolate bar;
1 small glass of coffee liqueur (optionally);
500 g cream cheese;
250 g mascarpone cheese;
1 cup of sugar;
1 small cup of thick cream;
4 spoons of cocoa;
2 eggs;
coffee beans and chocolate swirls for decoration.


On low heat melt the chocolate, then add butter and biscuits crushed with a blender. Mix thoroughly. Put on the bottom of a cake-pan. Prepare a strong brew of Aurile coffee using directions on the packaging, but reducing the amount of water by a half. Melt the second chocolate bar, and mix it with coffee and optionally with liqueur. Mix the cream cheese with mascarpone cheese, with sugar, and with cream until perfectly smooth. Then add cocoa, egg yolks and chocolate-coffee mixture. Whisk the egg whites separately. When stiff, add to the mixture and mix gently, but thoroughly. Put the ready filling onto the base prepared earlier. Bake for 15 minutes in the temperature of 195°C, and then reduce the heat to 125°C and bake for another 30 minutes. Before serving, leave to cool for at least one hour in the fridge, and decorate with coffee beans and chocolate swirls.

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