Recipes Online: Bacon and Cheese Quiche

Bacon and Cheese Quiche

Bacon and Cheese Quiche

1/2 lb bacon; crumbled;
1 small onion; chopped;
1 1/2 cups mild cheddar cheese; grated;
1 tablespoon flour;
3 each eggs; beaten;
1 cup light cream;
1/2 cup milk;
1 teaspoon salt;
1 (9 inch) pie shell; unbaked;
1 teaspoon pepper.


Fry bacon until crisp. Drain skillet. Saute onion in a teaspoon of bacon drippings. In a separate bowl, mix cheese and flour together. In another bowl, beat eggs, cream, milk, salt and pepper. Place bacon, cheese and onion into pie shell. Pour egg mixture over top. Bake at 450(F) degrees for the first 15 minutes. Reduce oven to 350(F) degrees and bake 15 minutes more.

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